About Jewish Renewal

Renewal is a worldwide trans-denominational movement grounded in Judaism’s prophetic and mystical traditions. Jewish Renewal carries forward Judaism’s perpetual process of Renewal. Jewish Renewal seeks to bring creativity, relevance, joy, and an all-embracing awareness to spiritual practice, as a path to healing our hearts and finding balance and wholeness—tikkun halev.

Renewal is an approach to Judaism that looks at Torah, T’fillah (prayer) and Gimilut Hasidim (Acts of Loving Kindness) in the following way:

  • Torah: Approach sacred text and law through an Integral , 4-worlds approach to mysticism, understood not literally but as deep metaphor
  • T’fillah: Approaches prayer from a Neo-Hasidic approach that includes the meditative, ecstatic and experiential in additional to classical t’fillah
  • Gimilut Hassidim: Understands the concept of tikkun olam (repair of the world) from a paradigm shift view of history and our role in it

Reb David Ingber, Spiritual Leader, Romemu, NYC:

 Renewal is many things and contains multitudes. We are a post-triumphalist, post-modern, liberal, progressive, egalitarian, mystical, psycho-spiritual, pan-halachic, movement, that seeks to integrate and honor body, heart, mind, and spirit, East and West pre-critical and post-critical, individual and communal, mythic and post-mythic, masculine and feminine, silence and ecstatic under one, large, HUGE umbrella called Renewal Judaism.

For me, Renewal is the tip of the dreidle whose sides are Orthodoxy, Conservatism, Reform, and Reconstruction—what Renewal can do is integrate these various perspectives. I don’t want to leave any part of myself out of my spiritual life.

From: Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture.  Rabbi David Ingber of Romemu discusses the future of Jewish Renewal by Jo Ellen Green Kaiser – http://zeek.forward.com/articles/116530/

ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal is the international organisation for the movement to renew Judaism. The administrative offices are located in Philadelphia, PA. ALEPH hosts four ordination programs leading to recognition as rabbi; cantor; rabbinic pastor or spiritual director.  For more information about Renewal, ALEPH and the services it offers individuals and communities, or the ordination programs, check out their website: www.aleph.org